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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Freedom of opinion

During the past weekend, Belgium got a new federal government. One of the new ministers is Maggie De Block, by profession a doctor of medicine. She will now be responsible for public health and social security.

This is a picture of Mrs. De Block:

Now on Monday, a VRT (official TV in Flanders) dared to voice his opinion on Twitter. He tweeted that he thought Maggie De Block doesn't make a convincing figure to be Minister of Public Health...

Since then, Tom Van de Weghe has been crucified with comments (mostly by liberal-minded followers of Maggie, since she is one of the most popular politicians right now). How dare he voice his opinion!

In my mind, I can only agree with Tom. I would not want Maggie to be my doctor. Just imagine her telling an obese patient to change his/her way of living and begin a diet? I suppose he/she could answer: why don't you do it yourself?

So no, for me Maggie is not the right choice for that department. I suppose she has her qualities but obviously she is not at the right place there.

I also think people should be allowed to speak their mind, even when their ideas differ from what the majority thinks. I was raised a rebel, I guess, by parents and grandparents who also used their brain to think for themselves.

What do you think?

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