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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Free Wifi

Have you also had the experience, when travelling, that the free wifi offered in hotels is not quite adequate?

A year or so ago I got myself a tablet, because it's quite handy to take along when travelling. With all the aps you can put on them, you can read books on it, or watch tv or listen to music.

In that past year, we've been away quite a bit and we've experienced that 'free' wifi is not worth a lot. In most hotels, free wifi only allows you to read emails and look up something on the net. But you can't download your daily newspaper, or watch an episode of 'Thuis'.

Only in some hotels you can watch without a problem. Like in the Pomme d'Or on Jersey, or the Pullman hotel near St. Pancras. Hilton Hotels provide free wifi, but when you pay (a little) you get the good version. 

Now I don't mind paying a bit to be allowed to download as much as I like, but I think hotels should warn you their wifi is only strong enough to read mail. 

Hotels should also be better equipped. Nowadays we use the internet and wifi like we drink water and this is a service you should provide to your guests.

What is your idea?

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