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Sunday, October 26, 2014

How far would you go to have a baby?

Just finished watching Dicte, a Danish crime series featuring journalis Benedicte (Dicte). As a young girl, Dicte was forced to give up her baby by her parents (Jehova's Witnesses). Since then she has turned her back to religion, has married and got a daughter Rose. Now she's divorced and returns to the town where she grew up.

In this first case, Dicte gets rather close to a murdered body near the harbour. (She has gone out with her two old friends from school and needs to pee urgently.) It's then she sees the young woman's body, cut open. Soon it is found out the woman was delivered of a baby. But where is it?

Dicte starts her own investigation, with the help of her two friends. She soon comes into trouble with the police, but after some time they know they need each other.

This first episode of the series dealt with the problem of babies-on-order. Serbian girls are paid (or so it is told to those buying the children) to have a baby for couples who can't have one.

This raises the question of how far you can go to have a baby. I don't have children of my own. At some time in my life I would have liked to have one or two, but when you never find the man you want to have them with, you settle in the life you have. I don't miss having children. My life is complete and I do enjoy it. Nowadays I couldn't imagine having a partner. I'm too old to change my ways and quite like doing what I want.

But some couples (and also single women) seems to have this overwhelming desire for a baby. They make themselves go through x-times of in-vitro fertilisation, and suffer the stress and the moodswings going with it.

I just don't know. I don' t suppose I would have liked to go through all that to have a kid. Do you really need children to be happy, to have a family?

What is your take on this?

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