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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scandinavian crime series

Nowadays, our tv evenings are often filled with Scandinavian tv series. And most of them are quite good, as well.

The first among these was Wallander in original Swedish version. We saw these episodes, allthough I must confess I like the ones with Kenneth Brannagh a lot better (but then , of course, Brannagh is a prime actor). He portrayed the inspector a lot better than the Swedish actor.

More recently we watched The Bridge, which was super thrilling.

After that came the series with reporter Annika Bengtson, based on the novels of Liza Marklund. I also liked the concept of these.

And recently we are watching Fjallab├Ącka Murders and Dicte. The first one is Swedish, the other Danish.

We see these tv series with subtitles, so spoken in the original language. I always must laugh when I hear a Scandinavian language. I understand quite a lot of it, because they often say things like we do at home. You know, in Flanders every town and village has its own dialect - and what is better still, we have our own special dialect. Our family originates from such different parts in Flanders (and fans out to Holland, France and Germany, as far as I have found out yet). I often hear speech patterns (even with the same pronunciation) repeated in those Scandinavian series, which makes me believe somewhere in our ancestry must be Vikings or the like.

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