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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Afternoon in the kitchen

Sometimes, our kitchen resembles a small factory. On free afternoons (my sister is still working) we like to prepare some food for the days to come.

Today we made soup, a tuna salad for tomorrow and in a few moments we'll start preparing today's dinner. The soup is a mixture of onion, turnip and carrot. You start by cutting up the vegetables in small cubes. Then you fry the onion for a while, generously add curry and then add water When the water cooks, drop some bouillon cubes into it. When they are dissolved, add the carrots and turnip. Let cook for about half an hour. When the soup is cooled down a bit, you mix the lot.

The tuna salad is made of red bell peppers (2/3), shallot, egg, tuna on olive oil and mayonaise. You can also add some herbs to your own taste. This is great with real Belgian fries!

And tonight's dinner is something we haven't tried before. It's a stew of seitan with beer, onion and mushroom, along with roasted Brussels sprouts and rice. We'll see how it tastes.

So this afternoon was pretty busy. I don't mind, however, it makes a nice change from sitting behind the computer and do some writing.

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