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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vegetarian kitchen

We've been busy all afternoon (still trying to fix the problem with the loose tiles in the courtyard) so there was not much time for cooking.

That's why we decided to go for vegetarian. We're not real vegetarians, but we do eat veggie food at least twice a week. It's healthy, and it has a great taste.

Tonight we opted for the luke-warm salad of quinoa with feta. Not much work to prepare. For 2 people you need 4 red onions, 4 tomatoes and 125 gram quinoa. You peel the onions and cut the tomatoes and let them stew a bit. In the meantime you prepare the quinoa. It needs to cook for some 10 minutes in boiling water (to which we add one cube of vegetable stock). When ready, you add it to the mix of onion and tomato. Finally you add some herbs (we like mint) and the feta cheese.

Good and tasty!

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