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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Flemish traditional food

Tonight, we dined on something which is a typical Flemish dish: chicory in the oven.

There are several variations in this recipe: you can just make it with a cheese sause (which means, boil the chicory, prepare a cheese sause with the boiling fluid and put both chicory and sauce in a oven dish). Put gratin cheese on top and leave it for a while in the oven.

But you can also boil your chicory, take away the wetness with kitchen paper and roll them into slices of ham (boiled or smoked, up to you). Then put the rolls into an oven dish and spread a cheese sauce over them. Leave them some time in the oven.

We serve mashed patatoes with either of these dishes. When we eat chicory in the oven with just the cheese sauce, we also eat a steak with it.

Like tonight. Yummie!

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