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Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of the Seventies

Starting as of this morning, Radio 2 (the radio station with most listeners in Belgium) began playing exclusively songs of the Seventies.

For those old enough, a lovely look-back to the time when we were teenagers (I was 14 when the year turned into 1970). Great songs, as well.

I must say I love most music. Even today's. Well, I don't like jazz or most electronic music (which isn't music at all in my mind) but when I think back of the Seventies, I think of The Sweet and Mud, Slade, Abba, ...

Both my sister and I were great fans of the band Mud. We saw them as much as we could, whenever they did a gig in Belgium (at that moment in time, we still didn't hop over the pond when we felt like it - that was before Eurostar) and the guys began to recognize us. They always waved when they spotted us in the audience. Even years later, when only Les Gray brought Mud songs in the tradition of Golden Oldies, he still recognized us!

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