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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Putting up the Halloween decoration

We like to keep our house decorated according to the season. So now October has started it's time for the Halloween stuff.

Now our living quarters are full of witches (little and bigger ones), pumpkins, acorns, ghosts... This decoration can stay up until the end of the month, and a little later it's time for the Christmas stuff.

We have a large attic room, and in the cupboards there are boxes for every season: Valentine, Easter, spring, summer, autumn, Halloween, winter and Christimas.

We don't overdo it, but I think a house looks cosier when you have no bare walls. Btw, I also don't like everything in white. Some people have white walls AND white furniture. I think that's so cold. I prefer a light color on my walls, as the house is too old to use modern colors, but I want some paintings at least. For the rest, I don't want little figurines or anything which can break easily, as I'm not always careful when dusting off!

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