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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday afternoon

Means my sister has a half day off from work, so I can't do a lot. As I've mentioned before, I can't write when someone is constantly talking to me - in this case, my sister. Our mother was better that way. She just read a book when I was writing, or did some knitting. Plus made coffee for us both.

So we've kept ourselves busy with making a new batch of soup (main ingredient: chicory) and installed the new printer we got today. The old one was supposed to copy-scan-print but did not do much anymore. Hopefully the new one will work better!

And finally checked if we got the return of our taxes. The ministry is supposed to make the payment by the end of this month. We are the lucky ones, who have been getting money back since we started filing our taxes. That's one of the advantages of being single, even if we share the same house. For the tax administration that doesn't count. People who are married or living together, pay extra taxes as a rule. It's never very much you get back, some hundreds of Euro's, but you can always do something with the money.

In an hour or so we can start to prepare our evening dinner. Vegetarian today, an ommelette with a mix of red beans, corn, bell pepper and potato cubes.

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