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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lazy Sunday

After spending a day shopping in Antwerp yesterday, we are enjoying a very lazy Sunday. The day in Antwerp was nice. The weather was better than expected, with sun coming out somewhere late in the morning. The region between the Central Station and the river are practically car-free, so it's nice walking around.

We had lunch in a place not far from the shopping streets and that was ok as well. Friendly staff, decent food, fair prices.

We also did find what we were looking for. I needed a new coat for winter (found one in a color I really like) and my sister needed a cardigan. She also found her choice.

For a change the trains were spot on time (is becoming to be more normal these days) and we arrived back home at a decent hour in the evening. Enough time to fix a bite to eat and then enjoy some TV shows, with a bottle of red wine and some cracker nuts.

Today, we slept a bit longer and then took time to read our Sunday paper. This afternoon we're looking at pictures from former trips. We are selecting some to enlarge so we can put them against the wall at the flat in Heist.

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