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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Be careful when you have builders in the house!

This afternoon, I came to the conclusion that you really have to be there when builders are carrying out a job in or around your house. You have to watch them constantly and check they do everything as was agreed.

Some years ago, I had my courtyard tiled. I paid the contractor a handsome sum and yes, everything LOOKED very nice when they were finished. But we weren't there all the time they worked. We had a little trip and only returned when the work was almost done.

Now, we needed to steady some tiles which had loosened up a bit. What did we discover? The tiles were not laid on a chappe, but on stamped earth! No wonder the tiles loosened up. And of course this problem only shows up after the period of guarantee.

The only thing now is to have the entire courtyard redone by a company that does decent work. A pity my dad's cousin is no more alive. He also did this kind of work, and for family he always had a 'special' price.

Yuk! My finances were already low after having to buy a new heater for warm water and central heating - now this! I'll have to save up a bit first. Luckily the bad weather season is coming to us, so they won't be able to work before spring comes. By then I can have more funds.

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