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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Games that sharpen the mind

When you are getting older, it's not a bad thing to play some games - real or virtual ones. Some games are really good for the mind.

The number one game would be chess - but I don't like that. Too mathematical to my liking. (I never got the feeling for maths, because nobody could ever explain to me what those 'a' and 'y' symbols actually represented.) On the contrary, I was quite good at reckoning sums (even now can do them out of my head) and accounting. I'm good with money, can plan my expenses and can make up a budget. These are what you need in life, not those silly irrational maths. These are only good for freaks....

On the other hand, I like word games - games like Words of Wonder where you have to make words to score points. And recently I discovered Mahjong. This is also a game I like. You have to think forward to score. Up to now I've managed to do the three daily challenges in a rather fast time. It's just figuring out how the cubes are put together. And it's a funny game, too. I play it on my pc, which is easier for my rheumatic fingers.

Anyone else who likes these games?

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