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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Just a few minutes ago, my sister and I were considering taking a cat again. We've had several cats when we were younger, but decided to not replace the last one (our Pluche). He looked exactly like this:

He was a sweet guy, but very temperamental and highly intelligent. For instance, if we had been on a trip and he was left with my grandmother, he would not look at us for days on our return. We were only forgiven after two or three days, and we knew it as he jumped up to give us a 'nose' kiss.

Also my mother used to have a cat as her pet. We never had a dog, although grandma apparently had one when she was a kid. She always told us her cat and dog used to sleep in the same basket.

So I'd qualify myself as a cat-person. I really like their independence and their way of making you aware of what they want. Our Pluche could be anywhere, but when I rode up the yard with my sacks of mussels, he turned up as by magic and would not leave the kitchen until he was fed at least one kilo of those mussels!

So while I prefer cats I don't know what I have that attracts dogs! Every dog I see wants to come to me, be it a little one or a very big and dangerous one. They tear at their leash and want to come to my knee, so that I can pet them. It works just the same way with little kids. Every kid I see laughs at me and would come to me, if allowed. I once was at an airport in some American town, and next to me sat a mother with her young son. Only two minutes later, the little guy already asked me if I could tell him a story - and according to his mother he even did not speak to her own mother, let alone to strangers!

What are you? Cat or dog person?

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