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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Gold Crucifix

We're heading back to the 16th century. In England, a civil war is tearing apart the country and families. In a rural village in Oxfordshire, vicar's daughter Rebecca Flint has to spend a lone night while her father is called to the sickbed of a parishoner. The weather is gruesome and the rain falls down in streams. Then comes a knocking on the door...

When at last Rebecca dares to open the door, she finds a group of Royalist asking for shelter. Out of pity with one of them who's wounded, she lets them in - and seals her fate by doing so.

Fourteen years later, young Sarah stands at her mother's grave. Crushed by sorrow - and the knowledge innkeeper Amos Jennings is not her real father. Having lost one parents, she longs to find out more about this mysterious father, apparently a nobleman who served the King's army.

But finding out who sired her is not easy. Even with the help of Lord Walter Carey - the son of the earl who used to live in the manor house outside of the village - she can't find any clues to the identity of her father. At long last she gives up hope, and settles on becoming the best housekeeper Linfield Grange ever had.

That is, until the younger brother of the earl comes calling. Assuming Sarah is his brother's mistress he becomes jealous and wants her for his own. He takes advantage of Sarah's innocence to lure her into his bed.

Richard wants to set up Sarah as his mistress, but he doesn't realize this is pure terror to her. Because the situation at the Grange becomes unbearable, Sarah runs off to London. Thre life is not easy either, but she manages to find some true friends, first at the inn where she goes working, and later on in the theatre, where she is given a chance to perform.

Now a famous actress - even one who has the King's favor - Sarah finally enjoys life. Only, one night when leaving the theatre she sees a face she recognizes... that of Richard.

Follows a tale of how true love at last vanquishes class and money - and to top it off, how Sarah at last meets her father.

The Gold Crucifix is a novel full of romance, history and adventure, set in England during the Civil War and Restoration. It can be bought from the publisher, Rogue Phoenix Press or from Amazon in both ebook format or paperback.

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