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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cleopatra, Ceasar, Anthony and others

I suppose I've already mentioned that I was quite fascinated by Egypt when I was just a little girl - so far that I wanted to become an archeologist and dig up the biggest treasure trove ever found!

Well, I suppose some of that fascination has remained, since I like to read books about ancient Egypt. A recent discovery when browsing the Amazon kindle shop was Constance O'Banyon, who wrote four books about Egypt under the reign of Cleopatra.

I did not find a reference on the web, but as far as I know the books would have to be read in this order:
1. Lord of the Nile
2. Sword of Rome
3. Daughter of Egypt
4. Desert Prince

In the first book, we are introduced to the Tausrat family. Head of the family (and of a Bedouin tribe) is Ramtat, who is equally a general in the Roman army and befriended to Julius Ceasar. Woven through the romance between Ramtat and the mysterious DanaĆ« (later on we learn she is a half sister of Cleopatra) is the history of this time, with all the intrigues around Ceasar and Cleopatra.  Welll worth a read, so I also bought the other books in this series.

The second book is about Ramtat's sister Adhania, who is a keen horse rider and who want to win a trophy reserved only for men. She meets and falls in love with Marcellus, another Roman general. Adhania goes to live in Rome and there she rescues a little girl from a miserable fate.

The girls she rescues, Thalia, is the central character in the third volume. Thalia is in fact heir to the throne of a far away island kingdom and she has to make choices she doesn't want to make between her duty to this country and the love for her adopted family?

The final book tells about Cleopatra's death. Also the Tausrat family has to leave Egypt and find refuge on Bal Forea, the island kingdom of Queen Thalia. There the eldest son grows up and when he reaches adulthood he wants to return to Egypt to secure his holdings and restore the rule over his Badari bedouins. Little does he know how much in danger his life will be, and how much his little friend of before will help him by her fidelity to his family...

 These books are well-written and read fluently. At least, I wanted to read them to the end to find out how it goes with the hero and heroine!

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