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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pictures from our recent trip to Switzerland

As promised, I was finally able to upload the pics from our trip to Scuol and I'm happy to share some of them with all of you.

When you've read the blog, you know we spent a week in the village of Scuol, situated in Unterengadin in Graubünden. It is quite a picturesque village, going back to the 17th century (some of the farm houses are dating back to the 1600's).

This is my sister, posing before one of these ancient houses, at one of the many squares with fountains. Also beautiful is the Evangelist church:

We visited some villages in the neigborhood, like Sent, Ftan and Ardez. They all are a bit like Scuol, but they also have their differences.

The picture above shows the ruins of a tower in the village of Ardez.

And this is the landscape when you are on the top of the mountain Motta Naluns, and make the descent into Ftan.

I hope you'll enjoy the pics and be sure this is a most lovely place for holidays, in winter as well as in summer!

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