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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Travel journal 3

Today was again a nice and sunny day. Yesterday it was snowing lightly, but you could come outside for a walk despite it. We walked along the river Inn which is especially nice in summer!

Today we took the gondola up the mountain (Motta Naluns) and began to descend in the direction of Prui (a ski station) and even lower the village of Ftan. There were masses of snow but still the walking was not too difficult. The locals here do their utmost best to maintain the footpaths and they are always in prime condition. We never even stumbled!

We lunched very nicely in a local restaurant in Ftan (rösti with smoked salmon) and then continued our walk down to Scuol. Again another hour and a half to reach the valley station of the gondola, where our hotel is conveniently situated as well.

We took a steam bath (pure paradise!) and are now enjoying a pint of the local lager!

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