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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I must have Asperger...

At least, according to what I heard on the radio this morning. I was listening to my usual Radio 2 and they have a program called Inspector De Caluwé. It's a program about finances, and about just anything else. This time there was talk about our crown prince Filip and the speaker suggested the prince has Asperger syndrome.

Why? Because he makes lists of the books he reads and has problems communicating to others. Well, if this qualifies for having this syndrome, I must have it as well, as so does my sister!

I also keep a book list on file and every time I read a book, I mark the list. Gives you an idea of what books you have (so you don't buy them double) and when was the last time you read any of those titles. Makes sense to me, but apparently not to others.

Also I don't like to seek the company of others when not necessary. Not because I don't like to talk to others (I'm a teacher, after all) but mostly just because I don't like their company. One of the disadvantages of being smarter than most. I suppose I just don't like spending time with people who don't have the same intelligence.

Makes this a person with Asperger? Well, if so, I don't feel I'm stranger than most and I certainly can function in society.

I think programs like this should be banned. They give people ideas, just like the internet does, and they are not necessarily the truth. I also heard about Dr. Google. Apparently lots of cancer patients don't ask advice from their doctor, but go googling their disease and get frightened by what they read.

What is your opinion?

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