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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mad about London

If there is any city I'd love to live in, it's definitely London. I don't know how many times I've been to England's capital, but still I find things to discover. And then all the shows in the Westend... next to great shops and fine restaurants.

While we try to visit London as much as possible (we often take the train just to go and see a show in for instance the Royal Albert Hall or Covent Garden) it would be grand if we'd have the money to actually buy a place there and then spend about half the year there and the rest in our house here.

When I'm daydreaming, I dare go as far as look up which places are for sale. Some time ago, I came across a nice flat near Hyde Park, which met every demand. It only cost one million British pounds....
Well, there is no law against hoping you'd win Euro Millions, is there? And daydreaming can be so rewarding. Even when you don't win that lottery, you had the fun of figuring out what you'd do with the money.

Our next trip to London is coming up in good four weeks' time. This time we plan on staying only shortly in London, mainly to go dining in One-O-One (which is imo one of the best restaurants in London). Chef Pascal serves only the freshest food and the wine selection is more than excellent. The following day we'll travel along to Liverpool where we plan on seeing a show in the Empire Theatre. It's called Boogie Nights, and my sister absolutely wanted to see it because the Osmonds (at least three of the brothers) are acting in it.

The big advantage for us is that London is only two hours by train from Brussels, AND you arrive right in the center of town. We easily walk from St. Pancras to our hotel on the Strand. It only takes about  minutes. Another good thing is that the town center is not that really big and you can walk to every monument or museum, if you don't mind walking. The tube is easy as well, but may cost some if you use your Oyster card.

Well, I'm already looking forward to this short trip (which will be followed by another one not long afterwards). I want to do some shopping (London is a lot cheaper than Belgium for clothes and shoes) and perhaps pick up some ideas for books to buy.

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