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Friday, February 15, 2013

Travel journal 4

All good things come to an end... Today is our last full day in Switzerland, because tomorrow we have to return home. But we can't complain: we had a very beautiful holiday here in Scuol.

Yesterday was sunny from the start. At breakfast we already saw the sun touching the tops of mounts Mot da Ri and Champatsch, and then slowly descending the mountain slopes until it reached the village. We bought a ticket for the train to Ardez, a village some kilometers away from Scuol. From there we walked towards Ftan, which I have already mentioned. It was a walk through snow and forest, along the slopes of mount Clunäs, aside deep gorges and valleys. Not for those who feel faint when they stare into the deep!

We lunched outside on a terrace in Ftan and relaxed in the sun which was really warm. Nothing more beautiful than snow and sun! After a hour or so we decided to continue our walk and descended more mountain into the village.

Because it was Valentine's Day, the menu at the hotel was a special one and we got all kinds of tasty gourmet food, including venison shot locally.

Today it was lightly snowing when we woke up, but it did not last very long. Around 10 am we could leave for a walk through the forest on the other side of the river Inn towards Pradella village. Nothing but some farmers living there, but a nice walk indeed. The path took us around the village and then back to Scuol. We had lunch in our hotel and then made a final walk to Vulpera, also on the overside of the river.

Tonight will be our last meal here at the hotel. We take a train to Zurich around noon tomorrow and we shall be home late in the evening. On Sunday or Monday I'lll probably have time to put up some pics we made here, to give you an idea of how beautiful a place this is.

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