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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Medici Diamonds

Way back, in the early 1980's I came up with an idea for a novel. It should be a story spun around a necklace - in this story the Medici Diamonds. Supposed to bring evil to the one who's wearing them...

Around this idea I spun an entire story. That of Marguerite, the only daughter of an impoverished French count. When her father decides she must marry to finance the new roof of their castle in ruins, she balks at the idea of marrying an old man (Etienne is around 40, she is only 17). So she runs away, into a life of adventure.

With the help of her eldest brother's friend Claude she travels to Paris where she soon finds out how life goes. Claude cannot be trusted, so she runs away for a second time - only to land into a band of pickpockets and thieves. Here she get one true friend: Dominique, also known as Cartouche. The young Cartouche takes her into his protection but still he can't prevent Marguerite becomes entangled in a mystery around a dangerous man named Le Chevalier.

Ten years later. Marguerite is now married to Etienne (her first fiancé) and seems quite happy. But strange things happen lately. When Etienne is murdered, she realizes her own life may be in danger as well. She doesn't know whom to trust, until she meets this man who is shunned by society because he supposedly murdered his wife.

The diamond necklace weaves it malice through the entire storyline. Will Marguerite be strong enough to fight Fate and find true love at last?

All answers in The Medici Diamonds: Diamonds for the Devil.

For sale at and of course directly from the publisher, Rogue Phoenix Press.

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