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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kim De Gelder Trial

Yesterday morning the long awaited for trial of Kim De Gelder started. Four years ago - yes people, it can take this long to bring criminals to justice here in Belgium - De Gelder murdered first of all an elderly woman who lived in the countryside and a few days later he gained entrance to a nursery and killed two babies, one carer and wounded more babies and women present. He always used a knife for his murders and went for the face and throat.

So who's this Kim De Gelder? He is a young fellow, only 19 or 20 when he committed his murders and he kept to himself. He hated his parents, who had spoilt him rotten and believed the world was against him.

At first look a harmless guy, but who knows what went on in his mind?

During the past four years his lawyer, Jaak Haentjes, tried to persuade the general opinion that De Gelder should be send to a mental hospital because 'he hears voices in his head'.

Now the trial has started. It is lead by a very capable chairman who soon got some truth out of De Gelder's mouth. Kim admitted freely he doesn't hear voices - he only said so because his lawyer told him so - and he did plan the murders very carefully. De Gelder also told he doesn't like his lawyer, but only took him because he could not get another one!

I've always known De Gelder knows what he did. He's a typical example of a youth who has gotten everything material but did not experience love from his parents and doesn't know what family life means. Unfortunately, in our society, more and more of such characters appear. Imo it's all due to lack of care from the parents. A child needs someone around, even if that means only one parent can go out working and the income will be less. But what does this mean when you raise happy children who don't lack for care and love?


  1. If you don't know his parents, then you should shut up instead of condemning these people, who are going to a real hell as well.
    One opinion less from time to time wouldn't hurt.

    1. I truly believe one is entitled to his or her own opinion. No, I don't know De Gelder's parents personally, but I do know some of the victims' parents. The mother of baby Corneel was one of my colleagues at school and the father of a baby who's scarred for life was my former neighbor.

  2. Didn't know it all happened so close to you so sorry for being a bit cruel.
    All I wanted to say is that, in almost any case, my thoughts are also with the perp's family as they almost never get support during their time of pain and disappointment.
    Besides that, I hope that after the trial all involved families will find the strength again to continue the journey of life.