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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back home

Early this morning, we finally arrived home from our trip to Switzerland! We left the hotel on time to catch the 13.40 train to Landquart, and from there one to Zurich. We arrived well before time at the airport, but there it began to go wrong.

Our plane in Zurich left already too late, which made if difficult to catch the connection in Frankfurt. We got on the plane, but our luggage did not. As soon as we arrived in Zaventem, we noticed the two suitcases did not appear and we had to file a report. It was already after eleven pm, and it took time. There were more people before us in line, and only one guy at the office counter! Still, we had to laugh at what the guy before us told. Apparently he had left his car keys in the (lost) suitcase! How can you be so foolish? I always have my money, identity papers, credit cards and keys with me, as well as my medication.

The only thing I don't have right now is the charger to upload the pics to my computer. But we got a phone call some hour ago, and the suitcases will be brought home between 4 and 7 pm.

So probably tomorrow I can show you some pics of Scuol and environs. We have good ones, so you're in for a treat.

And tomorrow it's back to work. Not that I complain, but holidays are always nicer, right? This time we have six weeks to go before the Easter holidays begin. Already looking forward to that, as we go for some days to London and Liverpool at the start of this holiday.

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