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Monday, February 11, 2013

Travel journal 2

Today the weather was less beautiful than yesterday. It was cloudy, with the expectation of snow to come. Luckily it did not snow as long as we were outside!

This morning we left the hotel to walk along the river Inn to a village called Sur-En (En being the name of the river). We walked partly through the forest and next to a langlauf trail, always following the river. We took lunch in Sur-En (the walk took about two hours) and then jumped on a bus to make the steep ride to Sent, another village in the neighborhood.

From there we walked down the mountain to Scuol village. It was rather steep at places and also rather icy. We do have spikes to put under our snow boots, but even with those spikes it was tricky to keep your balance at places.

Well, we did arrive without any problems and then returned to the hotel, where we relaxed in the steam bath and sauna.

Now waiting for lunch!

When we are back home, I'll post some pics of the places we've been to. I've been trying to search some on the web, but the free internet here is so slow it nearly doesn't work.

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