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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn at the coast

I love being at the seaside! Of course it is nice in summer, when the sun shines and the days are warm and long - but I even love it more in autumn.

The air has that crispy feel, there are less tourists, you have an open view over the North Sea. Also when it rains, it has a certain charm. You never stay indoors when being here, even when it rains or there is a galeforce wind.

I love spashing through puddles of water, or trying to stay upright when a southwestern is blowing with force 6 or 7. When we were kids, we especially went swimming when it was raining, because the sea water was warmer then. And how we loved to face the elements when it was stormy! We never got blown off our feet, by the way, still don't.

And then, when cruising along the board walk, picking up the scent of freshly baked waffles... with cream... Or a hot chocolate after walking a few miles along the water.

Oh yes, the coast has charms and I love being here. Any other who are fond of the seaside?

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