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Saturday, October 12, 2013

What Belgium is proud of

The past week was a good one for Belgium. Although some claims that the state of Belgium won't last, there still is a feeling of national unity.

Especially when it concerns soccer! Our national team - the Red Devils - qualified yesterday evening for the world champignonships in Brazil 2014. It has been 12 years since they last competed in it. But now we really have a great team. Lots of the players are internationals, who play in clubs like ManU. We have Romelu Lukaku  (the maker of the two winning goals), Axel Witsel, Marouane Felaini, Christian Benteke, Thibault Courtois (one of the world's best keepers), Vincent Kompany, ... A great mix of nationalities, as most of these guys have foreign roots.

The strenght of the team is not only the good players, but also the trainer (Marc Wilmots) AND the 12th player - the public! Until a year or so ago, there was no national feeling. This was left to the Dutch, who go orange when their team plays. I don't know how it happened, but nowadays Belgium turns red-black-yellow when the Red Devils play. And masses of supporters follow their team abroad. I'm sure there will be lots of Belgian present in Brazil, even if it will cost them 2,500 Euro.

And in the wake of the soccer national team, also the national basketball team, the hockey team and the volleyball team do well.

Another feeling of being Belgian came when professor Englert got the Noble Physics Prize for discovering the Higgs part (sure, it got its name after professor Higgs, who is English and got more recognition for doing the same research... after Englert...) He also got the Noble Prize.

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