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Saturday, October 5, 2013

FDT: Konijn met pruimen

One of the Flemish classics is rabbit with plums. Meat of the rabbit is light, healthy and non-fat. You can serve it with a fresh salad of chicory (another classic) and croquettes.

What do you need for 4 persons?
4 pieces of rabbit (best take the legs), 250 gr of dried plums (with or without the stone), 2 slices of bread, a bit of mustard, 3 bottles of beer (dark and slightly sweet), 4 onions, 2 branches of thyme, 2 laurel leaves, 2 cloves, 2 eating spoons of brown sugar, 4 eating spoons of flour, a bit of vinegar, butter, pepper and salt
6 pieces of chcory, 2 spoons of mayonnaise, a bit of vinegar, parsley, pepper, salt and deep freeze croquettes

How to go ahead:
Pour some flour into a bowl. Season the pieces of rabbit on both sides with pepper and a bit of salt. Then roll the meat through the flour.

Warm up some butter in big pot. Put the rabbit in the pot and let the meat brown a little.
In the meantime, peal the onions and slice them into little cubes.

Take the meat out of the pot. Now bake the onions until they have a light brown color. Add a bit of brown sugar, so the onions can caramelize.
Cut the dried plums into parts.

As soon as the onions are ready, you put the meat into the pot once more, together with the plums, thyme, laurel and cloves.
Now pour the beer over the meat and plums. To bind the sauce, you cover a slice of bread with some mustard and then put the bread on the rabbit. Put the lid on the pot now and leave it on the stove for a hour at least (low fire).

Taste the sauce and check if the meat is completely done. Add more pepper and salt to your liking. At this stage, you can add a little bit of vinegar, this makes it extra tasty.
When the meat is nearly ready, you prepare the salad. Cut the chicory and put it in a bowl. Mix it mayonnaise, together with cut parsley, some pepper and a bit of salt. Add some vinegar and mix very well.

You can serve this dish with croquettes, which you can put into a frying pan, or in the oven.

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