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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ripper Street

We all know the BBC makes good programs. One of my favorite one right now is Ripper Street, which went into its second season yesterday night.

Ripper Street is set in 19th century London, to be exact in 1889 with the start of the first series. It is six month after the last of the Ripper murders. When some young women are murdered, everyone thinks Jack the Ripper is back in business...

The leading roles are for Inspector Reid (married, had one daughter but she disappeared in mysterious circumstances, which leads to troubles in the marriage), for his Sergeant Drake (he falls in love with a former hooker) and US Captain Jackson (who has some secrets of his own). The division is home in Whitechapel, where the Ripper murders occured as well.

This first series was full of violence, but then you'd expect it because Whitechapel in those days was a place full of brothels, workhouses and poor people.

Of course, there is some romance too. Drake falls in love with a working girl, and Jackson is in love with the madam of the whorehouse. Reid has a liking for the Jewish girl who cares for lost children in her home.

I have read somewhere that Ripper Street will also be broadcasted by BBC America, or has already been. Anyway, if you have a chance to see the program you must surely do.

Each episode is rought, like life at the end of the 19th century. It gives you a great idea of how people lived then, and how good we have it now.

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