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Thursday, October 24, 2013

London Town

What is it with London, that casts such a spell? Because you can't deny it: London attracts lots of people for various reasons.

Yesterday I was listening to a radio program and someone (one or other VIP was talking about his affection for the English capital. He said he'd easily want to live there, if he won the lottery.

Now that is something I can totally agree with. If I won the lottery tomorrow I certainly would buy a flat in the London center. (BTW, I did play so I might win tomorrow's 31 million Euro, right?) I go to London as much as I can, more than once a year. When having a place there, I'd be there about as much as in Dendermonde, I suppose.

What draws me to London? Well, there is always something going on there. It is one the world's centers for music and all the best performers are sure to have a concert there. New musicals are staged in the WestEnd each season. And then all those shops.... Clothing and shoes are so much cheaper there. And better still, by now they do have decent coffee in London! Until a couple of years ago, you only found instand coffee and that tastes of nothing.

Living for half the year in London would also allow us easily to travel to other places in England (or Scotland). I love Liverpool too, and Cardiff, and Edinburgh.

The language is no problem either. I speak and write English as easily as my own mother tongue. People Always ask us where we're from, and then they don't mean we're foreigners. In England they think we come north of London, and in the US they assume we're from New England.

As it is, we already have two trips to London planned in the near future... Could you live in London?

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