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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Health care in debate

The last few days, health care is a hot topic. In the USA there is much to do about Obama Care, and here in Belgium the question is raised how to lower the costs of the social security (which is our health care).

In our country, everyone is automatically insured to receive free (or practically free) health care. Those who work, pay around 40 to 50 % of their wages to taxes and social security. Those who are unemployed and those who live from OCMW (an organisation for those in need) don't pay anything but receive health care anyway. If you want to, you can also pay an additonal amount of money (between 100 and 500 Euro) per year for a Klini Plan. That means you don't have to pay anything when you have to go into hospital. I have such a plan, just like my sister. It costs us around 120 Euro per year, but will get more expensive once we're over 65.

But recently, the questions has been raised how to cut back on the costs of health care. It cost loads and loads of money, you understand.

Now there is one group who suggest we reduce health care for the elderly and for those who are terminally ill...

Can you imagine? You're 75, you have lived  a healthy life all the time and now you get ill. So you don't get any care??? But somebody of 40, who has been smoking and living dangerously, does get care???

I really can't agree with that, and I hope most of our politicians don't either. Personally, if you have to make cuts in the health care, I would refuse free care to those who bring their life in danger. Like when you have been forbidden to smoke, and you still smoke two or three packs a day. Then, imo, you would have to pay for that new lung yourself. Or when you continue to take drugs, you can't hope to get treated for all the illnesses that generate from long abuse.

Well, that's my opion. I'm sure others would disagree. If you like to start a discussion, please do.

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