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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brewery Malheur

Last Sunday was the day of Local Enterprises in Flanders (kept every year). Due to the fact we were painting, we could not visit any of the enterprises in our neighborhood, but some years ago we visited the brewery De Landtsheer on this day.

The brewery is just outside the town of Dendermonde and they are quite famous for their beer Malheur. If you don't know French, un malheur means an accident - which can happen when you drink too much beer!

The visit was really worthwile. A guide showed us around the brewery and we could see how the beer was made ready. Better still, after having seen the complete brewing process, we were invited to come and taste the different beers. We got a full bottle of each beer (!) together with plates of smoked ham and sausages.

The beers go from Malheur 6 to Malheur 12. The numbers stand for the percentage of alcohol.  6 is quite light, 8 already a bit stronger, 10 more so and 12 really has body. They also have sparkling beers, like champagne (and for this beer they have won more than one prize).

 Malheur 6
 Malheur 8
 Malheur 10
 Malheur 12
And to be really honest: even after all those glasses of beer I did not feel tipsy! The next morning I did not have a headache, so the beer must be really good.

               Malheur CuvĂ©e Royale

After this visit we sometimes buy Malheur. It's not found anywhere, I don't know if it is already exported to the USA or UK. But if it is, I can advise you to have a taste!

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