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Monday, October 7, 2013

How mothers can destroy their children's future

A case that takes the national interest nowadays is that of Giel - a boy of 15 who should be without worries.

But such is not the case. Giel wants to be a Buddhist monk (!) and wants to leave for India, where he'd stay for over 15 years and then return to preach buddhism.

The case has gone to court because an uncle complained about it. How did everything happen?

The mother - single, no father in view - doesn't have a good relationship with her siblings. The cause of this was that the mother went to live with Giel's mother and she kept her from seeing other members of the family. The uncle claims she also kept the money the old woman received for pension, and used it for other things. The old lady was kept inside her room on 'water and bread', according to her son. Finally the family was able to get the mother away to a nursing home, where she received all proper care. Since then, Giel's mother never ever visited.

Also son Giel was not allowed to go to school, where he'd meet other kids and have friends. He grew up with his mother, who provided education for him. Now it seems she did not do a good job, as Giel doesn't have a single degree.

The mother is a Buddhist, so Giel should become once as well. According to the mother it is Giel's dream to become a monk, but how far can you believe her???

The uncle began a courtcase against Giel's departure for India, and now there is a ruling he must stay in Belgium. Also the father comes into view. He wants to take part in Giel's education. I certainly hope the young guy will have a decent chance at finding out what he really wants.

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