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Saturday, October 19, 2013

You're not 'cool' as a parent when...

1. You don't know the number 1 in the charts
2. You can't use your I-Phone
3. You can't sing along with the recent hits
4. You are not wearing the right clothes
5. You drive a family car
6. You don't understand the attraction of computers
7. You don't know what a 'tweet' is
8. You don't know Spotify
9. You don't allow your kids to stay up late
10. You see to it that your kids wear their school uniform
11. You sing and dance in the house
12. You smoke
13. Your hairdo is old-fashioned
14. You want to accompany your kids to a party
15. You don't know Harry Styles
16. You forbid your kids to pierce their ears
17. You have your own Facebook account
18. You brag about Facebook
20. You don't allow your kids a cell Phone
21. You don't know how the tv works
22. You don't understand how the cable works
23. You don't allow your kids to wear what they want
24. You get along with your kids' friends
25. You forbid your offspring to have a tattoo
26. You don't know how to cook
27. You have a tattoo yourself
28. You don't want an I-Pad
29. You have no tattoo
30. You are proud of your house and your housekeeping

This is what kids answered when asked what they considered as 'not cool' with their parents. As you can see, some things contradict each other.

And what do the parents think? How cool are these kids????

I'm looking forward to some reactions!

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