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Thursday, October 17, 2013

How do you plan your holidays?

I find it is always interesing to find out how people do things. This time I'd like to talk about planning a holiday.

What kind of tourist are you? Do you plan in advance, or do you act on a whimp? Do you like to spend heaps of money, or do you pick out trips that don't cost a lot?

We're all different persons, so our ways will also vary a lot. My sister and I like to act on impulse, but mostly we start out by talking and planning our future trips around a year in advance...

Last month, we already did some planning for the summer of 2014. We started out by acting on a mail I got about an event in Cardiff, Wales. We went to see it last year and we had liked it very much. So we decided to make our first trip (?) to Cardiff, some time in April. Just a weekend away. On Friday evening off to London by Eurostar, and the next morning by train to Cardiff. Back on Sunday. Nothing special, just going to see a good show and doing some shopping - because that's the UK for us: always great shopping! I buy most of my clothes and shoes there.

Then we started to think about our holiday in July. First we wanted to go to Santorini, Greece, but guess what happened - we changed it for Jersey, Channel Islands. We have been there in 2005 and liked it very much. We also got a great deal on a flight to it and found a hotel where we can stay for little money (breakfast and dinner included).  That's because you don't pay taxes in Jersey. St. Helier is also a nice town and the seafood there is super.

Because this trip doesn't cost a lot, we decided to have another trip later in summer. This time to Dublin, after having read an article about it in our weekend paper. We'll be staying in Bono's hotel, The Clarence. They had a room available in the period we'd like to stay there. Also booked the flight already, because you get the cheapest fare when booking early.

The final trip we planned ahead was one to London in May. We have a holiday then, from Wednesday to Sunday and it's just excellent for a city trip. We already booked tickets for Miss Saigon, which is having a new run in the WestEnd, and are gong to see War Horse.

And right now, we're thinking about another trip to London around Christmas - just because we received an interesting offer from Eurostar a few hours ago...

So planning goes together with acting on impulse with us. And how about you?

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