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Monday, October 21, 2013

The x-factor attraction

The last two decennia, shows like the X-Factor and (....) Got Talent have become increasingly popular.

What makes the success of these shows? Is it because people like to try their best and those who watch the show either want to support them, or have a good laugh?

Last Friday, there was nothing on tv (normally there's a detective on, but I had seen this episode already) and so we switched to VTM and watched Belgium's Got Talent. While there is al of rubbish in these shows, sometimes you can see a good act.

This time there was a magic act with ... a chicken! Quite incredible what this guy did with the stupid animal, named Chicken Curry. The chicken could pick the color one of the members of the jury had chosen (without the magician seeing what she did) and it could also count up numbers. I really don't know how he did it!

And another act was acro-gym. The couple, Nicolas and Laure, are two young people who are crazy about gymnastics. They are quite good in it as well, as they already won a medal in the Acro-Gym Champignonships. They fascinated audience and jury with their act, which was so good it got picked up by Cirque Du Soleil and the couple was offered a contract for their new show already.

But what got most attention was the act of a little guy of only 4 years old. Tristan did his version of Gangnam Style, and his act is getting attention from all over the world. It got downloaded I don't know how many times already. Quite cute, too, to see a little man do this dance!

What you also often see it that it are not the winners of these shows who make it. More than often the runners-up get the international career. In Belgium Natalia did not win the contest, but she is the one who made the big career. She has been performing internationally, and also is great friends with Anastacia.

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