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Friday, October 4, 2013

The lost city of Atlantis

Now that BBC1 is broadcasting the new series Atlantis, it makes me wonder what the attraction is to people.

Why do we all dream of lost cities, of hidden treasures, of finding the sealed tomb of a Pharaoh? I don't find an immediate answer.

Most likely, we all have a sense of adventure in us. I certainly have. As a young kid, I wanted to go to Egypt and dig in the Valley of the Kings - and of course, I'd find the only clue to a long lost grave...
Only - I never went to Egypt. My dad would have had my hide, if I tried.

My escape was into writing. In my writing, I could exploit all fantasies I wished. I still do. If my own life cannot have the romance, I invent characters whose wishes are granted. I find satisfaction in that.

So yes, fantasy is a way of escape. It is certainly a popular theme. Also Clive Cussler wrote a Dirk Pitt about Atlantis, Atlantis Found. Hero Pitt discovers the lost city and its secrets. He also finds the Library of Alexandria and lots of other lost objects.

I quite enjoyed this first episode of the BBC rendition of Atlantis. I had recorded in on the hard drive of my digibox, because my sister doesn't like to watch such programs. I know the Greek myths by heart and it's nice to see them visualized. I hope I can see all episodes.

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