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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting into the mood for Halloween/All Saints

This morning, mist was rolling in and it stayed misty for the entire morning. So this afternoon, my sister and I decided to get out our Halloween decorations out. Now the house is full of pumpkins, acorns and little witches, which gives quite an atmosphere.

Although I appreciate long summer days a lot, I also have a liking for this season. Mind, here in Flanders we did not celebrate Halloween until a couple of years ago. We have it more for All Saints. In my mind, I always connect All Saints with waffles. My grandma used to bake them on this day only, and then she made a bunch for all her grandchildren and the kids of the neigborhood. We could eat until we dropped!

And I also connect All Saints with mist. My childhood fantasies were wild, as I imagined what could happen when mist rolled in.... Still it took me until much later to put that story to paper. It is revealed in Rivers of Mist, a short story included in my Halloween bundle Face in the Mirror and Other Stories (E-book version only, available from Amazon and Rogue Phoenix Press). Let's just say that mist can be quite threathening...

Face in the Mirror is a good read on days like this. This weather makes you kind of melancholy, and the stories included fit the mood. Some of them have bad endings and deal with things we can't comprehend - others are sweet fairy tales. Like Candle in the Night... or The White Horses of Ponto Corvo...

Interested? Then don't hesitate to buy the collection of short stories. It doesn't cost a lot, and I can guarantee you'll enjoy the read.

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