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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Belgium is number 1 in...

When our national soccer team, the Red Devils, win their match against Israel tomorrow, they'll be the number 1 in the FIFA world ranking! Can you believe that? (Well, they are already nr. 2...)

But there are other things in which Belgium is the top. Did you know...

* that we are the world's biggest exporter of frozen fries? We produce 50,1 ton of potatoes yearly and manufacture 3,8 million of frozen potatoe products...

* at the same time, Belgium is the country where car drivers lose most time in traffic, due to the traffic jams

* according to the Good Country Index Belgium is number 1 in culture

* with 3,595kilometer of rail tracks on a surface of 30,000 square kilometer, Belgium has the tightest railnet of the world

* that we Belgians pay the highest taxes on work of the entire world? Over 55%, yes sir!

* we are the biggest exporter of chocolqate (yummie!)

* we also are the country for beer and we make the best!

* we have the smallest amount of bullies in the world

* the download speed of Netflix is never higher than here in Belgium

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