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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Print book or e-book?

What do you prefer? A book which you can pick up, turn the pages, admire the cover? Or just switch on your Kindle (or other e-reader) and choose the book you want to read?

I must admit I have a (slight) preference for e-books. Not because they are cheaper (they are, but I never minded to pay for a book I liked) or because you can read in the dark (must say, that's something I now like, as I wake up earlier than before and can now read without switching on my bedlamp). No, the main reason is just a practical one.

When we went on a trip, I always carried around a (heavy) bag of books, to read on my vacation. Now I just need that one (and very light) Kindle and I have my entire library with me.

But I still have some books (mainly those which aren't available on Amazon yet) which I love and can't miss. Some are right jewels - I have read them over and over. And of course, I also have books from Flemish authors which are not available as e-books. Moreover, you need a different e-reader for Europe and the e-books are more expensive than the ones you buy on Amazon (and they don't have freebies, either)...

What do you prefer?

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