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Friday, October 9, 2015

Zoute Rally

This afternoon, we have been enjoying the lovely October sunshine (and it was quite warm) but also watched the old timers perform at The Zoute Rally, an event that spreads over 4 days.

We had got an invatation from the fashion house where we often buy our outfits, to come and watch the rally from inside or outside their store. Of course we were treated to champagne and sandwiches. I don't normally like the - what we call 'chi-chi' way of acting - which most of the competitors to the race possess, but I do admire the old cars.

I've read all of Clive Clussler Dirk Pitt novels, and Pitt is known to collect old cars (and often race them in the course of the story). Through my reading I know something about old makes of cars and what they can do..

And how was your afternoon?

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