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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Open factory day

Every first weekend of October, the general public is invited to visit businesses and factories in Flanders. That's quite interesting.

This time, we did not have time to go for a visit (due to having to do some repairs to the house) but next time I'd like to take a look in the prison of Dendermonde. Normally you don't go there if you haven't committed a crime, but as it is an old prison it woud be interesting to see how the inmates are lodged. And another place I'd like to see is the factory of Vondelmolen. That is in the neigboring village Lebbeke.

Vondelmolen is known for making the best 'peperkoek' (= gingerbread) in Flanders. Sometimes, you can smell it here in our garden - and you become hungry!!! Or the chocolate factory of Callebaut. Yummie, Belgian chocolate! Once one of their trucks lost its load, spreading chocolate all over the road. What a waste!

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