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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Evolution is expensive!

When you're more than half a century old, you have seen lots of changes in the course of these years.

I was born in an age when most people did not even have a bathroom. Washing was done in the kitchen, in an big wooden or metal tub. And you were lucky when you got your own warm water (heated over the stove)! Going to the toilet happened in an outhouse - and again you were lucky when it was close to your house, and not way back in the garden!

Then the telephone. Only the doctor had one. We got our first one in the seventies - because I was going to the university and my dad wanted me to be able to contact them.

We played records (singles and LP's) on our portable record-players (at request, in the attic so the older ones weren't bothered with the loud music...) and later on got a cassette-player. Big invention!!

But because we were reasonably well-off we did have a TV from the 1950's - and we were the first in our street to have a color TV. I remember when it was first playing, people pushed others aside to have a look through our front window.

In the course of time, we replaced our video cassettes by DVD's, our old records by CD's. Had to replace the telephone by a newer one and afterwards by cell phones (now smartphones).  We bought several computers (first they were nothing better than text machines.) But what costed most was replacing all my print books by electronical ones.

I'm doing this because we plan to go and live at the coast when we're pensioned. And the flat is a lot smaller than the house where we are living now. No more space for lots of bookcases! So here came Kindle  - what an invention! I have already spent lots of euro's by replacing all the print books by author. I've emptied a few bookcases already. The print books, I give away to charitable organisations.

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