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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wonderful weekend

It's nice to have some days off. But if they are blessed with sunshine and rather high temperatures for the time of year, you're even more blessed.

This was such an occasion. We've been enjoying our time at the coast thoroughly. We went out dining on Friday night - next door at the bistro, but always worth its money. The owner, Christine, knows us very well by now and treats us occasionally to something special. This time we got her best red wine for the price of the house variety.

And yesterday evening we were in Ostend to watch a concert of the Dublin Legends. Irish folk music at its best. The Dubliners are no more, but the remaining members formed this new band. I'm still singing Irish songs right now!

Today it was so warm at our terrace that we could hang the washing outside. And it was dry by now. We are still sitting here in the living room without any heating, with all the windows and door to the terrace open. Can you imagine that?

Sometimes you get weekends like this. I remember one from some  years ago (late 1990's) when we could still sunbathe around this time. And in 2011 we were in London for 25 years of Phantom of the Opera when it was also so warm and sunny.

You can load up your batteries this way!

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