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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Should we ever trust what's on a label?

The past weeks and days, there has been a lot to do about the industry cheating the consumer. First there was the Volkswagen scandal. Someone brought out that the diesel cars' exhaust fumes were much higher than VW tells us. Afterwards, it was Samsung. Apparently their TV's use more energy than claimed.

Food specialists also tell us we shouldn't trust all the labels on food. Some company just BUY a label and put it on their products...

Well, nothing new under the sun. People have always been trying to cheat others. That's why I tell my students to be critical and never to believe everything told to them. (Well, if they are really critical they can mistrust my words too!)

The problem with cars is not mine anymore. I don't have a car. And to be honest, I did not do away with it because of the environment but because my eyesight was lacking. Later on, my sister also sold her car because it 'ate' too much money for what it was needed (run some errrands).

About food, we ony buy fresh food. Probably treated with all sort of stuff, but we haven't died of it yet.

As a conumer, you should just use your head and decided for yourself what works for you.

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