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Monday, October 19, 2015

Going through things you don't like

I don't know about you - but I keep postponing those tasks I really don't like to do.

Like cleaning... I do clean my kitchen and bathroom at regular times, but I don't think the rest of the house needs the same care. After all, there are only the two of us. But my sister doesn't always see it that way. I can bear that there's a bit of dust, but she doesn't. So I need to take out my mop and dust all the furnitur (yuk!). Or wash the windows. I thing the rain can do that as well (...)

I'd rather sit behind my computer the whole day and just write. That's what I really love to do. A pîty I've never written that bestseller - which would allow me to hire a housekeeper to perform all those nasty tasks in the house.

Sure, you can get a cleaning woman/man for utility-checks (an invention of our government) but who are these? Man and women unable to find a job on their own, and who are pressed by the unemployment agency to take on these cleaning jobs. I wouldn't trust to have one of those in my house. I once tried to hire one, but after explaining four times how to mop a floor, I just gave up. In that time I could have done it myself!

What about you? Are there also things you don't like to do - but have to?

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