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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Enjoying the (probably) last sunny & warm weekend

We live by the motto 'Carpe Diem', so we are now enjoying the last warm and sunny weekend of this season. On Monday the weather will change and we'll get the real autumn weather.

We made a long walk just a while ago, returning by the town center where it was quite busy. Lots of people strolling the streets and visiting the shops. Of course we went into our favorite tearoom to order some coffees with pancakes.

Once at home we did some little chores which needed to be done (and during the week you never have time). Well, that's a day well-spent.

Around 6 pm I'll start peeling my potatoes for dinner. We'll be eating once of our grandma's classics: potatoes with stewed onion and salt bacon. Yummie!

And how was your day?

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