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Monday, October 26, 2015

Eating red meat is bad for your health

The WHO has placed red meat on the same list as for instance asbestos... They clearly want to convey that eating (too much) read meat is bad for your health and can cause cancers or any other life-threatening condition.

Red meat includes beef, pork, lamb and mutton. Also every preparation with meat is bad for your health.

What a piece of luck we've switched to eating more soup for lunch!!! Since last spring, we have home-made fresh soup (without bread) for lunch and we only eat one sandwich a week. Added to that, we eat vegetarian twice a week. And I must say, we have been losing weight! When I go to see my doctor in December, I'm interested to see how the change in food pattern will have an effect on my blood levels. Both my sister and I need to be careful with sugars and fat. So hopefully the levels of these in our blood have gone down as well.

But for all that, I don't mind having steak and frites once in a while!!!

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