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Friday, June 3, 2016

Baby panda for Pairi Daiza

It shouldn't always be negative news. Yesterday, in the early morning, a baby panda was born in animal park Pairi Daiza (Belgium).

Pairi Daiza has a couple of panda's on loan from the Chinese government (they can remain here in Belgium for 15 years). The hopes were that the male and female would have young ones, and that's worked out now. Mum Hao Hao bore a little panda (male) with no name yet. The little one weighed 171 grams and seems to be eating well.

Judging from the picture, a baby panda doesn't like like much. A sort of hairless mouse? Other compare it to a pink sausage.

The baby panda will remain with its mother until he reaches age 4. Then he must return to China.

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