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Monday, June 20, 2016

Cleaning up brings back memories

This afternoon, because of the dreadful weather (rain, rain and more!) I kept myself busy by cleaning up drawers and cupboards. In the drawers of my desk, I found lots of things - forgotten for so many years.

Some I'll keep, others I just threw away in the garbage.

But it's nice to find back things you even don't remember! Some old jewelry (yeah, really) bought for me by my dad (rings that don't fit anymore), old cards for railway travel (not valid anymore), cold booklets with addresses of people you haven't seen in 30-40 years, ....

Even a USB stick I don't recall ever having! Wonder what's on it (need to check - when nothing important, I can use it for other purposes). And old watches galore. I wonder why we tend to keep eveything for so long?

In recent years, I throw away items much more easily. Guess that has to do with growing older and realizing what is important and what not.

What about you?

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